Undergraduate Courses

As a Ph.D. student at Georgia State University I have taught three courses as the instructor of record, served various appointments as teaching assistant, and supervised two undergraduate internships. Below, I discuss the courses I have taught or assisted teaching and provide select samples of teaching materials. For a comprehensive summary of student evaluations click here.


1. Introduction to Political Research, POLS 3800
Instructor of Record

Fall 2017: Course size 25, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.4/5.00)
Fall 2018: Section A: Course size 25, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.7/5.00)
Fall 2018: Section B: Course size 21, Student evaluation (Overall: 4.4/5.00)
Spring 2020: Section A: Course size 121, Student evaluation (Overall 4.93/5.00)
Spring 2020: Section B: Course size 144, Student evaluation (Overall: TBD)

2. Voting & Elections, POLS 4155
Instructor of Record

Spring 2018: Course size 46, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.7/5.00)

3. Introduction to American Government, POLS 1101
Instructor of Record

Fall 2015: Section A: Course size 16, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.5/5.00)
Fall 2015: Section B: Course size 46, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.7/5.00)
Spring 2016: Section A: Course size 34, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.5/5.00)
Spring 2016: Section B: Course size 150, Student evaluations (Overall: 4.7/5.00)

Teaching Assistant

1. Zoukis Research Collaborative, POLS 4190
Mixed-Methods Instructor & Family History of Incarceration Research Team Leader
Summer 2019

  • As a group instructor, I led three research teams which examined the impact of familial incarceration in the United States. The team primarily built upon survey research conducted by Peter Enns (et al. 2019) which investigates how American families are affected mentally, emotionally, and financially by a family member’s incarceration.

2. Zoukis Research Collaborative, POLS 4190
Director and Documentary Team Leader
Summer 2018

3. Zoukis Research Collaborative, POLS 4190
Experimental Methods Instructor & Solitary Confinement Research Team Leader
Summer(s) 2016; 2017

  • As a group instructor for the Zoukis Research Collaborative, I worked with a team of undergraduates to develop hypotheses, specify regression models, and interpret results from survey data on attitudes toward solitary confinement.

4. Zoukis Summer Institute and Research Collaborative
Quantitative Methods Instructor
Summer 2015

  • At the inaugural Zoukis Summer Institute and Research Collaborative (before becoming incorporated with POLS 4190), I conducted an intensive one-week seminar teaching students how to collect and interpret public opinion data and how to perform statistical analyses using STATA.

5. Supplemental Instruction Leader for American Government, POLS 1101
Fall 2012 – Spring 2014.

Undergraduate Internship Supervision

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