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Peer-Reviewed Articles

1.  Fridkin, Kim, Sarah Gershon, Jillian Courey, and Kristina LaPlant. 2019 “Gender Differences in Emotional Reactions to the First 2016 Presidential Debate.” Political Behavior, Published online May 23 2019

2. Bolsen, Toby, Bailey Fairbanks, Eduardo Aviles, Reagan Griggs, Justin Kingsland, Kristina LaPlant, Matthew Montgomery, Natalie Rogol. 2019. “Merging Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Training, and Producing Research: Lessons from Three Collaborative Experiments.” Political Science & Politics, 52(1): 117-122.

3. LaPlant, James and Kristina LaPlant. 2012. “‘David is Going to Beat Goliath’: An Analysis of the 2012 T-SPLOST Referendum in Georgia.” Proceedings of the Georgia Political Science Association, 8(1): 1-25.

4.  LaPlant, Kristina and James LaPlant. 2011. “Dixie Rising? Revisiting the Classification of Southern States in the 21st Century.” Proceedings of the Georgia Political Science Association, 7(1): 1-25.

Book Chapters

  1. Howard, Robert and Kristina LaPlant. 2017. “Chapter 8: The Executive Branch.” In Politics in Georgia. 3rd edition. Athens: University of Georgia Press.           

Encyclopedia Entry

  1. Howard, Robert and Kristina LaPlant. 2017. “The Roberts Court.” In Encyclopedia of American Civil Rights and Liberties. 2nd edition. ABC-CLIO Greenwood.

Under Review for Publication

  1. “Locked in a Box: How Activist Art Affects Opinions About Solitary Confinement” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Political Science Association, Savannah, GA, November 9-11, 2017 with Toby Bolsen and Bailey Fairbanks.
  2. Cocked, Locked, and Loaded: A Legislative and Policy Diffusion Analysis of Concealed Carry on College Campuses.” with James LaPlant, Keith Lee, and Mack Seckinger.

Working Papers

  1. “Affective Competence Strategies: A Typology of Mixed-Gender-Stereotype Content in Political Campaign Advertisements” 
  2. “Do the Scales Balance Both Ways? Gender Differences in Judicial Campaign Advertisements” with Bailey Fairbanks.


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